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Mudgee Psychology provides quality mental health services for those living in the Mid Western Region of NSW

Alison Nipperess is Mudgee Psychology’s principal psychologist. Alison took over the Mudgee Psychology practice in March 2010 and brings with her extensive experience in working in mental health. Since then the team has grown and at Mudgee Psychology, we are all dedicated to the well-being of those in our region. We are passionate about ensuring that Mid Western Regional NSW has just as high a standard of mental health care as those living in the city

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Other Services in our region

If you are unable to get an appointment with Mudgee Psychology there are other services in our region to make contact with.  Read more

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For more information about some of our services, and other resources, click here

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To register your details for our intake process, simply complete this form and we will be in touch.